Reciprocating 50 Years of Nurture!

For five decades, Samson Adedokun has been the beneficiary of care, support, and guidance from pivotal institutions, organizations, and individuals. Without the influence of these esteemed entities, one can only wonder how the narrative of his life might have unfolded.​

What institutions are being considered for the '50 for 50'?

Institutions such as: Baptist High School, Jos; Univeristy of Jos; Baptist Students Fellowship; Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria; the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary and other institutions – or individuals.

What is the Vision for Impact?

Through this initiative, we envision scholarship funds empowering deserving students, cash gifts igniting hope in lives, essential renovations breathing new life into institutions in need, and addressing other essential needs as they arise during the process of interactions.

How you can make a difference.

Spread the Word: Share our mission with your network and encourage others to join the initiative.

Stay Connected: Get regular updates and impact stories from the initiative via this website and follow our social media pages.

Pray Along: Kindly keep us in your prayers for the successof this initiative, that it may be guided by God's hand.

Give from your heart: Let the Spirit of God inspire your generous giving, as you share from His abundant blessings

What is in it for you?

As you become a part of this initiative, you will experience recognition for your contributions, engagement in impactful projects and events, and alignment with a cause that transforms lives and communities, all accompanied by our prayers and the gratitude of those whose lives will be blessed by your contributions, and overall, God's faithful reward of your benevolence.

Closely monitor your contributions by visiting our Transparency Page, where we keep you updated on inflows and disbursements.